Sneak Peek + Giveaway: Sisters’ Fate By Jessica Spotswood

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of the Cahill Witch Chronicles by Jessica Spotswood.  BORN WICKED and STAR CURSED are amazing books that take on magic, complicated relationships between sisters, a dangerous society, and even some swoony (and heartbreaking) romance.  The last book in the series, SISTERS’ FATE, releases on August 14th and I am thrilled to be able to share a sneak peek with you today!  First, here’s a little bit about the book:

** Keep in mind that if you haven’t read the first two books in the series, the excerpt below will be spoilery.**


Sneak Peek + Giveaway: Sisters’ Fate By Jessica SpotswoodSisters' Fate by Jessica Spotswood
Series: The Cahill Witch Chronicles #3
Published by Penguin on August 14, 2016
Genres: Young Adult, Paranormal

A fever ravages New London, but with the Brotherhood sending suspected witches straight to the gallows, the Sisters are powerless against the disease. They can’t help without revealing their powers—as Cate learns when a potent display of magic turns her into the most wanted witch in all of New England. To make matters worse, Cate has been erased from the memory of her beloved Finn. While she’s torn between protecting him from further attacks and encouraging him to fall for her all over again, she’s certain she can never forgive Maura’s betrayal. And now that Tess’s visions have taken a deadly turn, the prophecy that one Cahill sister will murder another looms ever closer to its fulfillment.


My eyes catch Maura where she stands with Alice next to the pink velvet settee. The severity of the Sisters’ uniform suits my sister; it emphasizes her flame-bright curls and pale skin. As she raises her teacup, her sapphire eyes meet mine. There is nothing of apology in them. Nothing of guilt or contrition.

I want to break her. I want the china cup to explode in her hands, the shards to cut her, staining her creamy skin scarlet.

I want to hurt her the way she’s hurt Finn and me. The second I think his name, the dull ache in my chest rises to a roar. His sweetness when I’m snappish. His revelation that my favorite childhood novel was written by a woman. And a Catherine, no less. His promise that whatever came next, we would work through it together.

He won’t keep that promise. I am the only one who remembers it.

My magic rises, inextricably bound to my anger. It burns through me. I try to shove it back down, but it sizzles through my muscles, scorching my throat, singeing my fingertips. My eyes dart away from my sister’s, but it’s too late.

Across the room, Maura stifles a cry.

I hurry from the room, but not before I see Alice bend to pick up the pieces of Maura’s cup. Maura’s cradling her hand where the jagged china cut through her thin satin glove. “So clumsy,” she apologizes, her clear voice ringing out like a bell, and her abashed smile seems to allay everyone’s concern. No one seems to notice that the cup broke in her hands, before it hit the floor. But Maura knows. At least, she suspects. I can feel the weight of her eyes on my back, right between my shoulder blades, following me out into the hall.

Wow!  That was some teaser!  I am dying to read the rest, aren’t you?  Luckily, Jessica has kindly offered to give away a signed ARC of SISTERS’ FATE!  Just fill out the rafflecopter below and good luck!


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About Jessica Spotswood

I heart books, board games, tea, the color pink, theatre, twirly dresses, and bells chiming the hour. I live in Washington, DC with my playwright husband and a cuddly cat named Monkey. I work part-time as a children’s library associate for the DC Public Library. I’m frighteningly enthusiastic. 


48 responses to “Sneak Peek + Giveaway: Sisters’ Fate By Jessica Spotswood

  1. I CANNOT wait for the last book in this amazing trilogy!! I’ve reread the first books three times waiting in anticipation for the final novel. Thanks for the teaser :)!!!

  2. a

    OMG I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS BOOK!! I’ve been emailing Jessica for months in hopes of an ARC so this giveaway is absolutely PERFECT right now!! Can’t wait to see who wins *crosses fingers and toes*

    Xoxo. Alexis @ Lexi Swoons

  3. Thank you so much for the giveaway and the sneak peek! I can’t wait for August! 🙂 (who knew I would want the end of summer to come quickly?)

  4. Tammy

    I own the first book in this series. Now I need to get them all and marathon it, avoiding the brutal cliffhangers 🙂

  5. Niiiice! Too bad I’m not from the US or Canada 🙁 But hey August is coming really soon! Can’t wait to read the last book of this amazing series…

  6. I am ashamed to admit this, but I haven’t read this series yet. The worst part? I have the first book sitting on my shelf. Don’t get me wrong. I have wanted to read it numerous times. But I have been trying so hard to wait until the final book is near its publication date to start new series. It is not easy, it kind of sucks, but it is nice in the end. I am excited to know that I can start reading the first two books now! Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Lori Hopkins

    I just finished the first book in this series YESTERDAY and I loved it! I was almost in tears, I was in such angst!!! It was perfect! Cannot wait to continue and finish it!

  8. Lakshna

    OMG i fell in love with the series since it first came out, and have been waiting a whole year for this last book! im so excited for whats going to happen and i cant wait anymore!!!!!!!!!

  9. Kelly

    My first edition Born Wicked (signed by Jessica) is the pride and joy of my book collection as much for it’s beautiful cover as being my favorite book of the last decade. I now purchase books mostly in electronic format, so I can’t wait to get my hands on (AND READ!) Sister’s Fate!

  10. Jacklin Updegraft

    Oh my gosh I can not wait for this book to come out! It looks amazing! I need this book in my hands right now!!!

  11. Christine

    I’m so excited! I liked the first book in this series, but the second one blew me away–I LOVED it and am so, so ready for this book to be released! 🙂

  12. Brittany Todd

    So excited for this series! Thanks for the chance at this. I heard to read them all at once so I just need this to marathon!! The suspense is killing me!

  13. Danielle D

    Love this cover! I haven’t started the series yet, but I have the first two and plan to read it straight through!

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