Book reviews listed alphabetically by author:

Abe, Shana – The Sweetest Dark
Acosta, Marta – Dark Companion
Agresti, Aimee – Illuminate
Aguirre, Ann – Mortal Danger
Alameda, Courtney – Shutter
Alcott, Kate – The Dressmaker
Allen, Sarah Addison – The Peach Keeper, The Sugar QueenLost Lake
Altenberg, Karin – Island Of Wings
Anderson, Laurie Halse – The Impossible Knife Of Memory
Angelini, Josephine – Starcrossed, Dreamless, Trial By Fire
Anthony, Jessica – Chopsticks
Applegate, Katherine – Eve And Adam
Armentrout, Jennifer Lynn – White Hot Kiss, Don’t Look Back
Arnett, Mindee – Avalon, Polaris
Arnold, David – Mosquitoland
Aveyard, Victoria – Red Queen

Baart, Nicole – Far From Here
Baggott, Julianna – Pure, Fuse, Burn
Bailey, Kristin – Legacy of the Clockwork Key
Balog, Cyn – Touched
Banks, Anna – Of Poseidon, Of Triton
Bardugo, Leigh – Shadow and Bone, Siege and Storm, Ruin and Rising
Barnes, Jennifer Lynn – Every Other Day, The Naturals
Barnholdt, Lauren – Right Of Way
Barrett, Tracy – The Stepsister’s Tale
Bender, Aimee – The Particular Sadness Of Lemon Cake
Benway, Robin – Also Known As, Going Rogue
Berry, Julie – All The Truth That’s In Me
Beyer, Cat – The Demon Hunters of Milan
Billingsley, Franny – Chime
Black, Holly – White Cat, Red Glove, Black Heart, Tithe, The Coldest Girl In Coldtown
Black, Jenna – Glimmerglass
Black, Yelena – Dance of Shadows
Blake, Kendare – Anna Dressed In Blood, Girl Of Nightmares, Antigoddess
Bliss, Bryan – No Parking at the End Times
Block, Francesca Lia – Love In The Time Of Global Warming, The Island of Excess Love
Blount, Patty – Send, TMI
Blumenthal, Deborah – The Lifeguard
Bodeen, S.A. – The Raft
Bowman, Erin – Taken
Bradbury, Jennifer – Wrapped
Brashares, Ann – The Here And Now
Brennan, Sarah Rees – Team Human, Unspoken, Untold, Unmade
Brian, Kate – Shadowlands
Brown, Anne Greenwood – Lies Beneath
Brunt, Carol Rifka – Tell The Wolves I’m Home
Burak, Kathryn – Emily’s Dress And Other Missing Things
Burgess, Gemma – Brooklyn Girls
Burton, Jesse – The Miniaturist
Busby, Cylin – Blink Once
Byrd, Sandra – Mist of Midnight

Cashore, Kristin – Graceling
Callihan, Kristen – Firelight
Calonita, Jen – Belles, Winter White, Summer State Of Mind
Cameron, Sharon – The Dark Unwinding
Carey, Anna – Eve, Once
Carman, Patrick – Dark Eden
Carson, Rae – The Girl Of Fire And Thorns, The Crown Of Embers, The Bitter Kingdom
Carter, Aimee – The Goddess TestGoddess Interrupted, The Goddess Inheritance,  Pawn
Carter, Ally – Perfect Scoundrels, All Fall Down
Carter, Caela – Me, Him, Them, and It
Cass, Kiera – The Selection
Castellucci, Cecil – Tin Star, Stone In The Sky
Chamberlain, Diane – The Good Father
Clare, Cassandra – Clockwork Angel, Clockwork Prince, Clockwork Princess, City of Lost Souls, City Of Heavenly Fire
Chapman, Elsie – Dualed
Clark, Jay – Finding Mr. Brightside
Clifford, Leah – A Touch Mortal, A Touch Morbid
Cohn, Rachel – Beta
Cole,Kresley – The Poison Princess Endless Knight, Dead of Winter
Coley, Liz – Pretty Girl 13
Colt, Andrea Lynn – Torched
Condie, Ally – Matched, Crossed, Reached
Constantine, Robin – The Promise Of Amazing
Cooner, Dona – Skinny
Cordova, Zoraida – The Vicious Deep
Cornwall, Lecia – The Price Of Temptation
Corral, Rodrigo – Chopsticks
Cotugno, Katie – How To Love
Coutts, Alexandra – Tumble & Fall
Coyle, Katie – Vivian Apple at the End of the World
Cremer, Andrea – Invisibility
Cross, Cady – The Girl In The Steel Corset, The Girl In The Clockwork Collar, The Girl With The Iron Touch
Cross, Julie – Tempest, Vortex
Crossan, Sarah – Breathe
Crutcher, Chris – Period 8
Cupala, Holly – Don’t Breathe A Word
Cypess, Leah – Death Sworn

Dane, Jordan – On A Dark Wing
Dark, Juliet – The Demon Lover
Darnell, Melissa – Crave, Covet, Consume
Dellaira, Ava – Love Letters To The Dead
Demetrios, Heather – Exquisite Captive, I’ll Meet You There
Derting, Kimberly – The PledgeThe EssenceThe Offering,   The Last Echo, The Taking
Desir, Christa – Fault Line, Bleed Like Me
Dessen, Sarah – The Moon And More
Diffenbaugh, Vanessa – The Language Of Flowers
Doktorski, Jennifer Salvato – How My Summer Went Up In Flames
Dolamore, Jaclyn – Magic Under Glass
Donnelly, Jennifer – Deep Blue, Rogue Wave
Donohue, Meg – How To Eat A Cupcake
Driza, Debra – MILA 2.0
Duncan, Alexandra – Salvage

Easton, T.S. – Boys Don’t Knit
Echols, Jennifer – Such A Rush, Levitating Las Vegas, Dirty Little Secret, Biggest Flirts, Perfect Couple
Ellison, Kate – The Butterfly Clues
Elston, Ashley – The Rules For Disappearing, The Rules For Breaking
Ewell, Katherine – Dear Killer
Ewing, Amy – The Jewel
Eulberg, Elizabeth – Take A Bow, Revenge of the Girl With the Great Personality

Faegen, Trinity – The Mephisto CovenantThe Mephisto Kiss,  Only You
Falkoff, Michelle – Playlist For The Dead
Fallon, Leigh – Carrier Of The Mark
Fama, Elizabeth – Monstrous Beauty, One Plus One
Farizan, Sara – If You Could Be Mine
Fichera, Liz – Hooked
Finn, Katie – Broken Hearts, Fences, and Other Things To Mend
Finneyfrock, Karen – The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door
Fitzpatrick, Huntley – My Life Next Door, What I Thought Was True
Fixmer, Elizabeth – Down From The Mountain
Flinn, Alex – Towering
Flynn, Gillian – Gone Girl
Flyte, Magnus – City Of Dark Magic
Forman, Gayle – If I Stay, I Was Here
Foyt, Victoria – Revealing Eden
Francis, Wendy – Three Good Things
French, Tana – In The Woods, The Likeness
Funke, Cornelia – Reckless

Gates, J. Gabriel – The Sleepwalkers
Gaylin, Alison – And She Was, Into The Dark
Gaynor, Hazel – A Memory of Violets
Gaughen, A.C. – Scarlet, Lady Thief
Genova, Lisa – Left Neglected
Gideon, Melanie – Wife 22
Goodwin, Daisy – The Fortune Hunter
Goolrick, Robert – A Reliable Wife
Graham, Heather – The Unseen
Graham, Jennifer – The Thousand Dollar Tan Line
Grahame, Abby – Wentworth Hall
Grant, Michael – Eve And Adam
Graudin, Ryan – All That Glows
Green, John – Looking For Alaska
Green, Sally – Half Bad
Greenland, Shannon – The Summer My Life Began
Grey, Juliet – Becoming Marie Antoinette
Gruen, Sara – Water For Elephants
Grossman, Lev – The Magicians
Gunning, Sally – The Widow’s War
Guzeman, Tracy – The Gravity Of Birds

Habel, Lia – Dearly, Departed
Halbrook, Kristin – Nobody But Us
Hale, Kathleen – No One Else Can Have You
Hall, Maggie – The Conspiracy of Us
Halverson, Sere Prince – The Underside of Joy
Hamrick, Janice – Death Makes The Cut
Han, Jenny – Burn For Burn, Fire With Fire, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Ashes To Ashes
Hand, Cynthia – Boundless, The Last Time We Say Goodbye
Harbison, Paige – New Girl
Harrington, Hannah – Saving JuneSpeechless
Harrison, Mette Ivie – Tris and Izzie
Hart, Megan – All Fall Down, The Favor
Harvey, Alyxandra – Stolen Away
Hathaway, Jill – Slide
Hatvany, Amy – Heart Like Mine
Hawkins, Rachel – Hex Hall, Demonglass, Spell Bound, School Spirits, Rebel Belle
Heiligman, Deborah – Intentions
Hepinstall, Kathy – Blue Asylum
Hesse, Karen – Safekeeping
Hieber, Leanna Renee – Darker Still
Higgins, Wendy – Sweet Evil
Hirsch, Jeff – The Eleventh Plague, Magisterium, The Darkest Path
Hocking, Amanda – Wake
Hodge, Rosamund – Cruel Beauty
Hodkin, Michelle – The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, The Evolution of Mara Dyer
Honeyman, Kay- The Fire Horse Girl
Hoover, Colleen – Hopeless
Howland, Leila – Nantucket Blue, Nantucket Red
Hubbard, Jenny – And We Stay
Hutchinson, Shaun David – fml

James, Brian – Life Is But A Dream
James, Ellie – Shattered Dreams
Jay, Stacey – Of Beast And Beauty
Jayne, Hannah – See Jane Run
Johansson, J.R. – Cut Me Free
Jones, Carrie – Need, Captivate, Entice, Endure
Jordon, Sophie – Uninvited, The Firelight Series
Julavits, Heidi – The Vanishers

Kacvinsky, Katie – First Comes Love
Kagawa, Julie – The Iron Knight, The Immortal Rules, The Eternity Cure, The Lost Prince, The Iron Traitor, The Forever Song
Kantor, Melissa – Maybe One Day, Better Than Perfect
Karo, Aaron – Lexapros and Cons
Kate, Lauren – Rapture
Kaufman, Amie – These Broken Stars
Kearsley, Susanna – The Winter Sea
Kemmerer, Brigid – Spirit
Kenneally, Miranda – Catching JordonStealing ParkerThings I Can’t ForgetRacing Savannah, Breathe Annie Breathe
Kephart, Beth – You Are My Only
Khoury, Jessica – OriginVitro
Kiely, Brandon – The Gospel Of Winter
Killough-Walden, Heather – Forever Neverland
King, A.S. – Ask The Passengers, Reality Boy
Klein, Christina Baker – Orphan Train
Kluver, Cayla – Legacy, Allegiance, Sacrifice
Kontis, Alethea – Enchanted
Kress, Adrienne – The Friday Society
Krokos, Dan – False Memory
Kuehn, Stephanie – Complicit
Kulper, Kendall – Salt & Storm

Lake, Nick – There Will Be Lies
Lamb, Victoria – Witchstruck, Witchfall
Lampson, David – This One Time With Julia
Landers, Melissa – Alienated, Invaded
Lane. Lindsey – Evidence of Things Not Seen
Larbalstier, Justine – Team Human, Razorhurst
Larson, Sara B. – Defy
LaFevers, Robin – Grave Mercy, Dark Triumph
Lascarso, Laura – Counting Backwards
Laurie, Voctoria – When
Lawrence, Theo – Mystic City
Leavitt, Lindsey – Going Vintage, The Chapel Wars
Levithan, David – Every Day, Invisibility
Levy, Joanne – Small Medium at Large
Lindsey, Mary – Shattered SoulsFragile SpiritsAshes On The Waves
Littlefield, Sophie – Hanging By A Thread
Lockhart, E. – We Were Liars
London, Alex – Proxy
London, Julia – A Light At Winter’s End
Longo, Jennifer – Six Feet Over It
Longshore, Katherine – Manor Of Secrets
Lord, Emery – Open Road Summer, The Start of Me and You
Lough, Amber – The Fire Wish
Lu, Marie – Legend, Prodigy, Champion
Lunetta, Demitria – In The After

MacColl, Michaela – Always Emily
Madison, Bennett – September Girls
Mafi, Tahereh – Shatter Me, Unravel Me, Ignite Me
Malkin, Nina – Swear
Maloney, Susie – The Thirteen
Mandelski, Christina – The Sweetest Thing
Marillier, Juliet – Shadowfell, Raven Flight, The Caller
Martin, Jenny – Tracked
Martin, Tracey – Another Little Piece Of My Heart
Martinez, Jessica – Virtuosity, The Vow
Maas, Sarah J. – Throne of Glass, Crown Of Midnight, Heir of Fire
Marr, Melissa – Carnival Of Souls
Masterton, Graham – Ghost Music
Mathieu, Jennifer – The Truth About Alice
May, Elizabeth – The Falconer
McBride, Kristina – One Moment
McCloud, Scott – The Sculptor
McDaniel, Lurlene – Red Heart Tattoo
McEntire, Myra – HourglassTimepieceInfinityglass
McGarry, Katie – Pushing The LimitsDare You ToCrash Into You, Take Me On
McGinnis, Mindy – Not A Drop To Drink
McGovern, Cammie – Say What You Will
McGuire, Jamie – Beautiful Disaster
McKenzie, Catherine – Spin
McMahon, Jennifer – Dismantled
McMann, Lisa – Wake, Crash, Bang
McNeil, Gretchen – Ten
McVoy, Terra Elan – Criminal, In Deep
Mead, Richelle – Bloodlines, The Golden LilyThe Indigo Spell, The Fiery HeartGameboard Of The Gods, Silver Shadows, The Ruby Circle
Meadows, Jodi – Incarnate, Asunder
Medeiros, Teresa – Goodnight Tweetheart
Metcalfe, Stephen – The Tragic Age
Meyer, Marissa – Cinder, Scarlet, Cress
Michard, Jacquelyn – Second Nature
Millay, Katja – The Sea Of Tranquility
Miller, Carol – Murder And Moonshine
Miller, Kirsten – The Eternal Ones
Mingle, Pamela – Kissing Shakespeare
Miranda, Megan – Fracture, Hysteria, Vengeance, Soulprint
Mondor, Colleen – The Map Of My Dead Pilots
Moore, Liz – Heft
Morgan, Kass – The 100
Morgenstern, Erin – The Night Circus
Morrill, Lauren – Meant To Be
Morton, Kate – The Forgotten Garden
Moskowitz, Hannah – Teeth
Moyes, JoJo – Me Before You
Murdoch, Emily – If You Find Me
Murphy, Julie – Side Effects May Vary
Myers, Kate Kae – The Vanishing Game, Inherit Midnight

Neggers, Carla – Secrets of the Lost Summer
Nelson, Jandy – The Sky Is Everywhere, I’ll Give You The Sun
Nicholls, David – One Day
Nicholson, William – Amherst
Nickerson, Jane – Strands of Bronze and Gold
Niven, Jennifer – All the Bright Places
Norman, Matthew – Domestic Violets
Norris, Elizabeth – Unraveling

O’Brien, Caragh – Birthmarked, Prized, Promised, The Vault of Dreamers
Ockler, Sarah – The Book Of Broken Hearts
Olin, Sean – Wicked Games
Oliver, Lauren – Delirium, Pandemonium, Requiem, Panic, Rooms
Ostrovski, Emil – The Paradox Of Vertical Flight
Owens, Robin D. – Enchanted Again

Parker, Amy Christine – Gated
Patrick, Cat – Revived, Just Like Fate
Paul, Fiona – Venom, Belladonna
Paulson, Ingrid – Valkyrie Rising
Peacock, Kathleen – Hemlock
Pearce, Jackson – Purity
Pearson, Mary – The Kiss Of Deception
Peloquin, Lili – The Innocents, This Side Of Jealousy
Perez, Ashley Hope – The Knife and the Butterfly
Perrotta, Tom – The Leftovers
Perry, Jolene – The Summer I Found You
Peterfruend, Diana – For Darkness Shows The Stars, Across A Star-Swept Sea
Picoult, Jodi – Between The Lines, The Storyteller
Pike, Aprilynne – Earthbound, Earthquake
Plum, Amy – After The End
Polisner, Gae – The Summer Of Letting Go
Polsky, Sara – This Is How I Find Her
Portes, Andrea – Anatomy of a Misfit
Preble, Joy – Anastasia Forever, The Sweet Dead Life
Preller, James – Before You Go
Price, Lissa – StartersEnders

Quick, Matthew – The Silver Linings Playbook
Quinn, Kate Karyus – Another Little Piece

Raasch, Sara – Snow Like Ashes
Rae, Kristin – Wish You Were Italian
Raf, Mindy – The Symptoms of My Insanity
Rasheed, Leila – Cinders & SapphiresDiamonds & Deceit
Redwine, C.J. – Defiance
Rees, Douglas – The Juliet Spell
Reid, Taylor Jenkins – Forever, Interrupted, After I Do
Revis, Beth – Across The Universe, A Million Suns, Shades of Earth
Ribar, Lindsay – The Art of Wishing
Rice, Luann – Little Night
Richards, Elizabeth – Black City
Richter, William – Dark Eyes, Tiger
Riley, Lucinda – The Orchid House
Robson, Jennifer – After the War is Over
Rosenfeld, Lucinda – The Pretty One
Rosoff, Meg – Picture Me Gone
Rossi, Veronica – Under The Never Sky, Through The Ever NightInto The Still Blue
Roth, Veronica – Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant
Rowell, Rainbow – Eleanor and Park, Fangirl, Landline
Rozett, Louise – Confessions of an Angry Girl, Confessions Of An Almost Girlfriend
Ruby, Lois – Rebel Spirits
Rutoski, Marie – The Shadow Society, The Winner’s Curse, The Winner’s Crime

Sabel, Lauren – Vivian Divine Is Dead
Sales, Leila – This Song Will Save Your Life
Sandler, Karen – Tankborn
Scheidt, Erica Lorraine – Uses For Boys
Schmidt, Tiffany – Send Me A Sign, Bright Before Sunrise
Schneider, Robyn – The Beginning Of Everything
Schreiber, Joe – Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick
Schwarz, Liesel – A Conspiracy of Alchemists, A Clockwork Heart, Sky Pirates
Schultz, Cara Lynn – Spellbound, Spellcaster
Schumacher, Julie – The Unbearable Book Club for Unsinkable Girls
Schwab, Victoria – The ArchivedThe Unbound
Scott, Elizabeth – Heartbeat
Scott, Mindie – Live Through This
Sedgwick, Marcus – Midwinterblood, She Is Not Invisible, The Ghosts of Heaven
Seifert, Christine – The Predicteds
Sheinmel, Alyssa B – The Stone Girl
Sepetys, Ruta – Out Of The Easy
Shepherd, Megan – The Madman’s Daughter, Her Dark Curiosity, A Cold Legacy
Shinoda, Anna – Learning Not To Drown
Showalter, Gena – Last Kiss Goodnight
Sickels, A. Carter – The Evening Hour
Siegel, Philip – The Break-Up Artist
Silver, Eve – Rush
Skuse, C.J. – Rockoholic
Slater, Adam – The Shadowing: Hunted
Sloan, Holly Goldberg – Counting By 7s
Smith, Andrew – Winger, Grasshopper Jungle, 100 Sideways Miles, The Alex Crow
Smith, Hilary T. – Wild Awake
Smith, Lindsay – Sekret, Skandal
Smith-Ready, Jeri – This Side Of Salvation
Snyder, Maria V – A Touch of Power
Spooner, Meagan – These Broken Stars
Spotswood, Jessica – Born Wicked, Star Cursed, Sisters’ Fate
Stampler, Ann Redisch – Afterparty
Standiford, Natalie – How To Say Goodbye In Robot, The Boy On The Bridge
Stasse, Lisa M. – The Forsaken
St. Claire, Roxanne – Don’t You Wish
Stevens, Courtney – Faking Normal
Stiefvater, Maggie – The Scorpio RacesThe Raven Boys, The Dream Thieves, Blue Lily, Lily Blue
Stockett, Katheryn – The Help
Stone, Tamara Ireland – Time Between Us, Time After Time
Strohmeyer, Sarah – Smart Girls Get What They Want, How Zoe Made Her Dreams (Mostly) Come True
Swain, H.A. – Hungry
Swanson, Cynthia – The Bookseller
Sullivan, Laura L. – Ladies In Waiting
Summers, Courtney – This Is Not A Test

Tahir, Sabaa – An Ember In The Ashes
Tanzman, Carol – Dancergirl
Taylor, Laini – Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Days of Blood and Starlight, Dreams of Gods and Monsters
Thayer, Nancy – Summer Breeze
Thomas, Rob – The Thousand Dollar Tan Line
Thomas, Sherry – The Burning Sky
Tomp, Sarah – My Best Everything
Thompson, Jean – The Year We Left Home
Tohline, J.M. – The Great Lenore
Tregay, Sarah – Love and Leftovers
Tucholke, April Genevieve – Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea

Valentine, Jenny – Double
Van Ark, Katie – The Boy Next Door
Van Leer, Samantha – Between The Lines
Vivian, Siobhan – The List, Burn for Burn, Fire With Fire, Ashes To Ashes

Walker, Melissa C – Unbreak My Heart
Wallace, Becky – The Storyspinner
Waller, Sharon Biggs – A Mad, Wicked Folly
Walton, K.M. – Empty
Walton, Leslye – The Strange And Beautiful Sorrows Of Ava Lavender
Warburton, Ruth – Witch Finder
Warga, Jasmine – My Heart and Other Black Holes
Warman, Jessica – Beautiful Lies
Wasserman, Robin – The Waking Dark
Webber, Tammara – Easy
Wells, Dan – Partials
Wells, Robison – Variant, Blackout
West, Carley Ann – The Murmurings
West, Kasie – Pivot Point, The Distance Between Us
West, Melissa – Gravity
Westerfeld, Scott – Peeps, Afterworlds
Whaley, John Corey – Where Things Come Back, Noggin
Whipple, Natalie – Transparent
White, Barbara Claypole – The Unfinished Garden
White, Kiersten – Mind Games, Perfect Lies, Illusions of Fate
Whitney, Daisy – The Mockingbirds, When You Were Here
Williams, Sean – Twinmaker
Wolf, Jennifer Shaw – Dead Girls Don’t Lie
Wolfe, Trisha – Fireblood
Wylie, Sarah – All These Lives

Yancey, Rick – The 5th Wave
York, Alyssa – Mercy
Young, Suzanne – A Want So Wicked, Just Like Fate
Yovanoff, Brenna – The Replacement

Zarr, Sara – How To Save A Life, The Lucy Variations
Zettel, Sarah – Dust Girl
Zevin, Gabrielle – All These Things I’ve Done, Because It Is My Blood, In The Age Of Love And Chocolate, The Storied Life Of A.J. Fikry

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