Secrets Of The Lost Summer by Carla Neggers

Secrets Of The Lost Summer
Author: Carla Neggers
Genre: Romance
Format: ebook
Publisher: Mira
Release Date: 1-31-12
Olivia had a successful career in Boston as a graphic designer, but an incident at work makes her reevaluate and move back to her hometown. As she fixes up the historical home she bought, she meets the owner of the ramshackle house down the road, Dylan. After inheriting the house from his father, Dylan and Olivia go on a quest to discover why his father wanted the run down home and what secrets it holds for his family.

There were things that I liked about this book, but there were also aspects that I found to be a little too unbelievable. Olivia’s entire reason for leaving Boston was a betrayal, but that incident didn’t seem serious enough to warrant a complete life change. I just didn’t see the anger and hurt in her character that might cause a person to pick up their life and move. This was an issue that I had with Olivia’s character throughout the whole book. She is a person who has built a lot of walls, but I never connected with her because those walls seemed to extend to the reader.  When I read a romance, I like to see a character that is passionate about something.  It could be their love interest, their family or even their dreams, but Olivia was just sort of flat to me.  I didn’t dislike her, but neither did I really want her to succeed.  I just felt kind of neutral about the whole story.

Her love interest, Dylan, was appealing and the plot involving the mystery of the old house he inherited was interesting, but since the book was supposed to be centered around his relationship with Olivia, I was never able to care about them as a couple as much as I should have. There were certainly good points to the book; a quaint town, a close knit family and someone trying to make a fresh start, but as a whole, it just wasn’t a page turner for me.

This book earned 2.5 birds, rounded up to 3.

I received this book as a galley from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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