Legacy of the Clockwork Key by Kristin Bailey

Review of Legacy of the Clockwork Key by Kristin Bailey published by Simon PulseLegacy of the Clockwork Key
Author: Kristin Bailey
Category: Young Adult
Format: eGalley
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Release Date: 3-5-13
When a fire consumes Meg’s home, killing her parents and destroying both her fortune and her future, all she has left is the tarnished pocket watch she rescued from the ashes. But this is no ordinary timepiece. The clock turns out to be a mechanical key—a key that only Meg can use—that unlocks a series of deadly secrets and intricate clues that Meg is compelled to follow. Meg has uncovered evidence of an elite secret society and a dangerous invention that some will stop at nothing to protect—and that Meg alone can destroy. Together with the handsome stable hand she barely knows but hopes she can trust, Meg is swept into a hidden world of deception, betrayal, and revenge. – Goodreads











Legacy of the Clockwork key is one of many steampunk books I’ve read this year.  I think what set this apart was the Gothic elements that brought a little something extra to the story.  Instead of a paranormal element, which is often present in this genre, the mysteries are purely mechanical and quite numerous.  There is everything from a clockwork minotaur to a sort of steampunk GPS system.  Reading about all of the different devices was just as fun as the story itself.  Meg’s newly humble circumstances in a mysterious house really brought the Gothic aspect to the story, as mentioned before, and I found that it made for a nice foundation on which to build this strange, clockwork world.

In short, Legacy of the Clockwork Key was a lot of fun!  The pacing was good and I never found myself getting bored or bogged down in the story.  In fact, this book packed a lot of different locations and a host of strange contraptions that will please any steampunk fan.  The romantic subplots were also a nice part of the story, even if they seemed a bit convenient.  Although the ending was a bit rushed, this series still has a a lot of room for new adventures.  I think that fans of the Gothic/steampunk combination will find this book to be very entertaining.

I received this galley in exchange for my honest review.

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9 responses to “Legacy of the Clockwork Key by Kristin Bailey

  1. I’ve been on the fence about reading this one, but I’m glad to hear you had fun with it. I am a sucker for steampunk and gadgets (clockwork minotaurs and steampunk GPS sound pretty cool!), so I’m sure I’ll give this a try soon. Wonderful review!

  2. I’m curious to read this one, even though I’m a little nervous about the steampunk thing. But seriously, it sounds like it also contains an amazing adventure within its pages… Plus, the idea of a key that only she can use really catches my attention!

  3. S&S has been putting a lot of work into getting this book heard, so it must be pretty good! Glad that you enjoyed it overall, Katie, because I heard some less favorable reviews about it and was feeling quite disappointed. It’s hard to find books with the perfect pacing, so it’s definitely promising that LotCK was one of them. And while I’ve never been a real fan of steampunk, I’m interested in this for sure!

    Thanks for such a helpful review, Katie. 🙂

  4. I’m loving steampunk books lately, and this one sounds awesome! It sounds like the author has a great imagination and comes up with some great contraptions. Adding this to my TBR pile. Thanks!

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